B2B data sharing and re-use can be generally understood as making data available to or accessing data from other companies for business purposes. As detailed in this report, data sharing in a business-to-business context can take different forms: from unilateral to more collaborative approaches, data can be shared against a payment, through the provision of a service, or for free. Based on evidence gathered in this study, companies share and re-use data among them to enhance their business opportunities and improve internal efficiency. B2B data sharing and re-use are expected to significantly grow in a near future. Companies not yet engaged recognise the benefits of these activities and express their intention to start sharing and re-using data in the next five years. This study also found that companies that do not invest a critical amount of money in accessing real-time or positioning data may be missing business opportunities. To foster the European data economy, the Commission should further develop and raise awareness about the concept of B2B data sharing and its benefits, privilege soft policy measures over restrictive regulations, and provide guidance and financial support to companies that are interested in sharing and re-using data among them.

Quelle / Link: Study on data sharing between companies in Europe